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All rounded solutions for your business to grow fast

Company Building

Ideas & great technology are nothing without great people moving your company forward with the right culture


Marketing that actually takes that first leap and dares to different. Using a combination of digital & offline marketing, we make your charts jump high!

Service Design

Bring out the hidden side of the human mind with state of the art research & data analytics to design and develop for your market needs


Full Stack development & architectural processes that work hand in hand with your business ideas

From problems to solutions in no time

At the Interesting Company, we uplift and bring together design, technology, customer and business for innovation. Things that are needed for your next project: resources, manpower, time and lots of headaches. You focus on the bigger picture and let us worry about the rest.

How it works


Research & Market study

Using the latest research methodologies and our network with market experts to design the best experience for your audience


Data breakdown to find market insights

Formulate data evidence and years of industry experience to develop future proof execution strategy


Strategize, Innovate & Design

With a formulated execution plan and crazy innovators. We can get the engine started while you and your stakeholders can be rest assured we deliver

Bring your app idea to life with industry experts

Tap into an unique array of young & innovate developers that goes above & beyond to define the technology of tomorrow

Cloud-based app hosting solution

Intelligent offline app capabilities

Faster multi-platform app development

SEO optimised web development

Micro-service & Serverless based architecture

Mobile Game Development

State of the art technology while optimising for lowest cost and highest performance

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Get the most out of your marketing budget

It is a noisy world out there, we believe in creating marketing assets that’ll last. Time and time again, we have achieved the impossible by creating viral assets that will give the extraordinary returns.

Paid Digital Assets
Advertisement Management

Our talented team specializes in running digital campaigns that yield multiplier returns, be it with high or low budget we get the returns that's worth every penny.

Content Creation
Editorial Management

Video, copywriting, article write up is key when it comes to content creation. You continue reading the news, let us handle the tedious parts.

Organic Digital Assets
Data-Driven Marketing Management

We focus on organic marketing goals through SEO and multi organic sales funnel, this rapidly drives down the overall marketing spend in the long run.

Design & Creatives
Brand Identity Management

A successful launch can never go without a well crafted design ideology. We provide over decades of expertise in 3D graphics, constructing successful brand stories and perfecting the ultimate UI/UX design research.

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